Eugene Novikoff

Experienced professional in:

Web development, marketing, design & branding

Place of born: Latvia.
Age: 33 years
Briefly: A big fan of modern technology and exquisite creative solutions in marketing and design.


About my professional skills

Public relations education and marketing, together with experience in modern information technology, have allowed me a wide variety of skills to be learned. Working on a variety of projects, I was developing product concepts, design, strategy, marketing, planning and building of PR-activity, creating sites and services, and increasing their visitors. I performed many tasks personally, but I also led up to 10 people, as usual in the field of programming and SEO and design.

My personal dedication to modern technologies, as a vision for the future development vector, and interest in marketing, as an instrument that combines psychology, statistics and creative approaches to an audiovisual embodiment, only contributes to more interesting effective solutions in my work.