Taktika.eu: online school website

I was well acquainted with this project because earlier I myself ran this school.
This time the task was to transfer the learning process to the online sphere and rebrand the company.

I made a new site with the possibility of acquiring online courses. (Stripe payment system). Zoom integration made for online lectures.
Created chatbot for choosing courses. The lead generation process is automated.
A marketing plan has also been created for the development of the school on the Internet, including SMM and SEO.

Focus Internal: construction website

My participation in the work of Focus International began with the development of a construction website
with its own admin panel, after which it moved to the field of marketing and the preparation of promotional materials.
Printed, web and video materials were produced.
We also came up with a stylized wallpaper with a QR code for phones.

Olemax.pro: hair salon website

In this project, everything was created from scratch: name, logo, branding, website and other materials.
The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the work of a specialist (usual case for such sites), then provide customers with information about prices, and to automate as much as possible the appointment process to the hairdresser.
The chatbot has been created to help users choose a service, as well as provide the specialist with all the necessary information about the client.
All data was transmitted through Zapier to Slack and to the list of clients for distribution.

Tatra Latvia: trucks website

Truck website design

The development of trucks website began from scratch.

It was necessary to comply with Tatra’s design standards and display dynamism. All basic settings of the CEO were also done.
In addition to the site, a logo and truss style was developed for the “RIBEL V” company itself, as well as a marketing plan and related advertising materials.

InfinityWide: legal website

Participation in thัƒ development of legal website where is possible to buy contracts and other documents was interesting because of the scale of the task. It was necessary to develop a web service where customers could buy and download the necessary templates for documents and contracts, as well as reserve a service or time for … Read more

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