Tatra Latvia: trucks website

Truck website design

The development of trucks website began from scratch.

It was necessary to comply with Tatra’s design standards and display dynamism. All basic settings of the CEO were also done.
In addition to the site, a logo and truss style was developed for the “RIBEL V” company itself, as well as a marketing plan and related advertising materials.

Meteora: online payment app development

Meteora as online payment app development is a web service and application for payment, reservation, and ordering goods and services. The application works with geolocation and Wi-Fi, offering the user cafes, shops, cinemas and other places. The development included not only the client part but also an account for the business, where you can keep … Read more

Culena London

The objective of this project is a new design for the site.
Given the highest level of luxury that this company provides its customers, it was necessary to display this in web design.

Join Construction: Recruitment APP website

Join Counstruction design

Participation in the project of creating the Recruitment APP website and job search App did not start from the very beginning of development and it was necessary to integrate into existing design solutions and change only the necessary. Work was done to improve the dynamism of the design as a whole. A website design has … Read more

InfinityWide: legal website

Participation in thัƒ development of legal website where is possible to buy contracts and other documents was interesting because of the scale of the task. It was necessary to develop a web service where customers could buy and download the necessary templates for documents and contracts, as well as reserve a service or time for … Read more

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