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Web service and application for payment, reservation, ordering goods and services. The application works with geolocation and Wi-Fi, offering the user cafes, shops, cinemas and other places.

The development included not only the client part but also an account for the business, where you can keep track of goods, payment, customers and the loyalty system for your establishments.

My work wasn't just creating the design, I was project manager, team lead, a users scenario creator and many features surrounding this service.

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APP UX/UI flow


Login | Sign in

Splash screen

The screen is visible while the application is loading. In the background, on those lines, stripes quickly “run.”

Registration screen

Registering in service by entering your phone number end receiving SMS-code

Code login screen

Method to enter the app with a code if the settings are set to this security mode.

after log/sign in


Main screens


This is the main screen where the user can see the latest payment history and nearby places to start shopping there. 

Places (Map view)

A list of nearby locations displayed on the map and listed below. This screen should be the first one that the logged-in user sees when the application launches.

Dashboard of Place

There are two windows: Goods and services categories as well as popular products. 

adding goods or services


Make & edit orders

Category screen

A list of the goods or services of the place.
By holding one product, you can get more information and more photos.

Extras pop-up screen

Selecting a specific option for a product.
Those specifications added by business profile.

Bill screen

There are selected items with added extras in the list. As well there is show how to delete an item from the list by swiping to the left. 

after that


Bill splitting

Create a group

On this screen, you can create a group of nearby or latest users. Or just search user by phone username. Taping on user photos will select those.

Group Screen

This screen is made to show bill splitting options. As default, you will pay 100% of the bill. 

Bill splitting

After you select users the bill will be splitting into equal parts.  You can edit every user amount to pay.

Some settings


Profile & Payment settings

Profile with history

Your profile data: name, photo and statistics as well the history of user latest visits and orders, where you can add comments.

Payment methods

There are possibilities to add/remove bank card and add a special virtual wallet that you can top up.

Setting menu

List of setting’s menus with expanded Notification menu.

Business dashboard UI

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